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Aija Ozoliņa

At Six in the Morning

02.09.2009 - 21.09.2009

On September 2, 2009 the Gallery “Daugava” presents the exhibition of the artist Aija Ozoliņa’s works “At Six in the Morning”. The free, expressive paintings can be a surprise to those who know the artist as an excellent master of graphic art. But, actually, there is no reason for being surprised as the artist’s graphic sheets also reveal her interest in colour. Colour has always been her means of expression. In her previous solo exhibition in the Gallery “Daugava” (1995) where the exposition was made up of small-size painted wood planks, the emphasis was on delicate gradations of tones and half-tones carefully laid in geometric patterns: reminiscences of constructivism and Russian avant-garde. At present Aija Ozoliņa’ painting reminds us of Abstract Expressionism, Tachisme and Jackson Pollock. The artist does not deny it, since everything is obvious there, but the emotions are entirely hers. It is something private, even intimate: letters without words. Therefore the exhibition is entitled “At Six in the Morning”: a new day is just dawning, yet everything prior to it is not merely yesterday. It is life.

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