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Dace Lielā


19.06.2009 - 29.08.2009

On June 19 the Gallery „Daugava” presents the solo-exhibition of Dace Lielā “Paintings”

Landscape takes an important place in painting of Dace Lielā. This statement is true and cannot be denied. Yes, Dace paints the sea, beach, mountains, Latvia’s winter, also Venetian canals in which ancient buildings, bridges and gondolas find their reflection, but the sky with white cumuli are reflected in the ponds surrounded by the greenery of Latvia’s summer. The painter has plenty of motifs. She sensitively perceives the interplay of light and shade in the foliage, on water surface, sands and snow-covered fields. Colour, light, form and space have preoccupied painters over centuries, and Dace Lielā is not an exception. Consciously or subconsciously the artist invites viewers to share her existential contemplation and feelings, and, what is more important, she prompts the viewer to reconsider the values of life and reject the short-lived, transitory and fake ones. Dace Lielā’s painting is not a narrative, it is JUST a landscape, but it makes us think of eternity. Here we could recall Eugene Fromentin’s conclusion: ”Painting is an art to depict the invisible by means of the visible”. Mention should also be made of the artist’s figural paintings, though her painting is never devoid of human beings. But the philosophy of her figural compositions is based on pantheism since Nature to her is the man’s God.

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